Rozwiązanie ekranu LED dla wydarzeń

Designers have a goal for unique, dynamic events.

What creative design do you use to ensure your event is compelling, engaging, and memorable for attendees?

Adding personality to your event has never been easier with an LED video screen. LED displays are one of the fastest-growing segments in the live production and events industry.

Because LED displays are adaptable in nature, they can be configured to provide many different functions in small, medium and large setups. With the accumulation of technology and to meet the various customized needs of customers, the forms of LED displays have evolved into different types and have their own characteristics.

What kind of led screens for events?

Powszechnie akceptuje się stosowanie ekranów ledowych na imprezy, a specjalnie zaprojektowany wyświetlacz LED jest kluczowym czynnikiem budującym niezapomniane wrażenia MARKI w różnorodnych wydarzeniach, takich jak koncerty, wycieczki na żywo, festiwale i transmisje telewizyjne, motoryzacja, targi, firmy premiery produktów i spotkania itp.

LED poster screens are used in new product launches, exhibitions, etc., because of its easy movement, configuration-free, and plug-and-play.

The LED flexible mesh is used as a stage background for large-scale tour performances, because of its transparency, videos and animations can be played to enhance the atmosphere of the scene;

The LED transparent screen can be used as the background screen of the concert, because it not only maintains the characteristics of transparency to get the feeling of expanding the space of the stage, has a 3D stereoscopic effect, and can also play very high-definition videos;

Various custom creative LED displays such as LED spheres, LED curved screens, LED video strips, and more are also used in events because of their unique shapes.

LED high-definition rental screen is used as a background wall for product launches, weddings, large-scale conferences, concerts, stages, various events, etc., because it is easy to install, convenient for transportation, high-definition, etc. This is the most used event screen, so the average event organizer can rent it directly from the middleman. It is also often called a rental screen.


Most used screen type for events is the rental LED screen.

What is the rental LED screen?

Rental LED screens usually refer to 500*500mm or 500*1000mm display tiles, which include indoor P1.9mm, P2.5mm, indoor and outdoor P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.9mm, P4.8mm, P5 .9mm, P6.25mm. Because the rental LED screen can be configured and modified in various screen sizes, it is a very versatile option for professionals in the audiovisual field. It can display various contents in a large-scale and eye-catching way in exhibitions, conferences, or stages. AV equipment suppliers for concerts, presentations, or advertising events are typical buyers of LED screen rentals, so they can rent them out to third parties.

Rental LED screens offer a wide range of benefits. In the past, LCD video walls and projectors were often used in the events of exhibitions, and conferences. Now, by adopting the LED rental screens, it is possible to have larger, brighter, and seamlessly stitched screens to capture the attention of event attendees.

Rental cabinets for events

What are the key features of rental LED screens?


The rental screen needs to do repeated assembly and disassembly during the use of various activities. Therefore, rental screens must be able to be easily, quickly, and repeatedly assembled and disassembled. Importantly, its mechanism is reliable and does not fail after multiple assemblies.


The very light modules make quick assembly and disassembly possible and are a key factor in carrying out tasks of all kinds of activities quickly, economically, and safely.

Rental LED screens are usually made of die-cast aluminum or magnesium alloy as the frame of the module. The use of these components allows us to design and manufacture very lightweight and durable screens.


The good resolution and image quality that rental LED screens can provide, thanks to the highlight feature, rental LED screens can provide perfect visualization of video content even outdoors and in full sunlight.

Creative LED screens become more and more used for events.

At present, only a square video wall can no longer meet the needs of various activities. Ordinary designs cannot excite the audience and satisfy the designer. In addition to ordinary rental displays, new types of displays such as transparent screens, video tubes, and flexible mesh have begun to be widely used on the stage. Designers choose and use them according to their creativity.

Furthermore, more and more creative displays are used at various stages, even if these creative designs can only be used once. These creative displays include arcs, spheres, or various other shapes.

Curved led display screen for events
Curved led screen for events
Creative led display for show
Creative led display for show
Video strips on stage
LED video strips on stage
Creative led sphere on stage
Creative sphere for show

What 3CINNODisplay can provide in your events?

To bring your vision into life and make the custom experiences, 3CINNODisplay is capable to provide all sorts of solutions for all your creative needs through our ever-growing production lines including lightweight bendable led mesh, flexible modules,pixel-to-pixel calibration fine pitch led display,  cutting edge curved rental series, quick&easy setup and dismantling touring systems, customized creative LED screen, etc.

Każde wydarzenie jest projektem dostosowanym do indywidualnych potrzeb.

Będziemy dążyć do spełnienia wizji i budżetu klientów DOSTARCZAĆ:

  • Talented and easy installation screens that are compatible with the venue and any used media devices.
  • Szybka pomoc techniczna i profesjonalna obsługa od projektu do zakończenia całego procesu imprezy.
  • Doświadczony inżynier pomocy technicznej na miejscu, który pomaga zarządzać i rozwiązywać problemy z prowadzoną ścianą.

This is your event and we are proud to professionally help you create a successful brand experience by adopting a suitable led screen for your event.

Aby uzyskać unikalne rozwiązania, które możemy wprowadzić na Twoje koncerty, imprezy firmowe lub inne okazje, skontaktuj się z nami pod adresem info@3cinnodisplay.com

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