Double Sided LED Display

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Installation: Permanent

Double Sided LED Display provides two viewing sides, ability to fold allows you to attach it to square pillar and corner. It can fold to adjusts different angles, 150 degrees, 120 degrees, 60 degrees and so on, making you an eye-catching brand advertisement by two different viewing sides intersect screen. Double Sided LED Display could display high definition images and videos. Creative shape and high-quality visual performance make it the first choice of advertisement. Double Sided LED Display is applicable for indoor and outdoor applications with its full weather-resistant, perfect for hotel, exhibition, subway station, etc.



high definition performance double sided led display

Double Sided LED Display Size & Pitch Customizable.

Double Sided LED Display provides one more viewing side when compared with convention LED display. Unlike the LED square column, it only covers two sides of a structure. Commonly, it is used as message platform and fixed on the street corner or on two walls that join in a shopping mall. Other than advertising, it is also great for effects with high definition performance.

Intersection Angle Customizable.

Intersection Angle Customizable double sided led display

Fixed Installation double sided led display


Fixed Installation.


Two conventional LED display cabinets closely aligned.
LED display modules fixed on supporting frame, seamlessly aligned.

seamlessly aligned double sided led displayclosely aligned double sided led display

Two Sides Visible double sided led display



High definition performance of both video playback and effects.



Two Sides Visible:

Two different viewing sides intersect, making fold a special viewing corner in a certain structure.





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