Flexible LED Mesh (Single Dot)

Flexible LED Mesh can be used as a large-area outdoor media facade, or as an indoor background display, playing videos and animations.

  • Q1-P37: 1LED/dot, P37mm
  • Q1-P40: 1LED/dot, P40mm
  • Q1-P56: 1 LED/dot,P56mm
  • Q1-P75: 1 LED/dot,P75mm
  • Q1-P80: 1LED/dot, P80mm
  •  Q1-P100: 1 LED/dot,P100mm

Environment: Outdoor/Indoor

Thanks to its foldability, highly transparency, ultra-lightweight and slim design, the flexible led mesh is best solution as stage backdrop, and converting a tall building into a huge media facade to play text, pics, animation and videos. It is IP67 rated, available in indoor and outdoor environment.


Ultra flexibility being a creative element

Flexible LED Mesh delivers unmatched flexibility allowing for creative shape and size of the LED screen. Wave, curve, column wrapping…The sky is the limit.

unmatched flexibility flexible led mesh


Ultralight 1~4kg/m²

time- and labor-efficient for installation and transport.

Flexible LED Mesh comes with exclusively design flexible frame integrating individual flexible strings into mesh screen. It is flexible for both conventional and innovation screen setup and for a painless installation.

Flexible led mesh

Detachable strings

Removing the string directly from the flexible frame in front for quick and trouble-free maintenance. The strings can be also fixed as linear lighting separately in aluminum slot or in a independent bracket .

Easy Maintenance flexible led mesh
flexible led mesh for stage backdrop


The ultra-slim body makes the whole screen beautiful and attractive, no matter you hang a 10meters high screen on the stage or cover a thousand square meters building facade. 

Zipper Style Quick Lock System

Secure the interconnection between panels by the durable zipper quick lock system.

Quick Lock System flexible led mesh

80%~95% Highly Transparency

See-through screen provides complete stereoscopic visual effect which is much loved by the designers and audiences. 

70%~80% Transparency flexible led mesh

IP67, 1000-1500 nits for 1LED per dot model

The single-led Flexible LED Mesh is available for both indoor full day and outdoor night-time applications.

Outdoor flexible led curtain

Powerful Customization

Fully customization

Sometimes, we need tailor-made mesh solutions to meet the architect’s design requirements or to fit special shapes such as domes.

For screens, pixel pitch and pixel composition (the number of LEDs per dot) are the main customizable factors. Because they can bring different resolution, brightness and transparency to the grid.

3Cinno can customize any pixel pitch or freely make special shapes such as curved or sphere.

Irregular shape led mesh
Irergular shape flex led mesh


Fast installation on the stage to save your time and labour

Play Video

This video show you how fast our common staff to install a flexible led mesh. It is the same situation when you handle your screen on the stage. Sometimes, you need move fast and get all done in the limited time. You never know what will be unexpected on the stage. But what we could do is to be well prepared.

No complex frame required, when fixing the huge media mesh on the building facade

Time is also important, especially when build a thousand square meter led screen. 

What a big thing that the flexible mesh doesn’t need complex frame like the traditional cabinet screen. The lightweight and ultra-slim design makes the installation like hanging a giant photo.

All these advantages save your much installation cost and engineering fee.


Changing a dead dot is not a headache any more !

Even with the best quality product, you need to consider how to maintain in upper air for the giant media facade. Here is the answer. See how easy it is.

The process could be done when all the lights are on. You could see the result instantly without any delay, and there is no repeat painful job, running up/down to turn on/off the power.


Strict test is the guarantee of high quality

The frozen test is showing the flex mesh can work in color weather. The boiling water can’t damage the LED dot as well.

The cable is the essential material part of the flexible led screen. We use the fire-proof silicon rubber cable. Cause after installing a LED screen, there are still many things left to concern like how to prevent the potential fire risk. The high-grade fireproof performance is one of the important things we must pay attention to.


Useful Details

Pixel Pitch: P37.5mm / P40mm / P56.25mm / P75mm / P80mm / P100mm

Transparency: 75% ~95%

Brightness:  300~1500 Nits

Light Source: NationStar Gold-wire outdoor 3-in-1 SMD

Panel Size(pixel pitch): 0.3×4.8m(P37.5);  0.45×7.2m(P56); 0.6/9.6m(P75); 0.8×12.8m (P100)

Resolution/panel: 8×128 pixels

Color depth: >12 bits

Working temerature:  -20 ~ +50 ℃

Environment:  IP67

Weight/dot:  0.006KG

Weight/sub-controller: 4.5KG/pcs


RoHS compliant transparent led mesh
CE compliant Flexible led mesh


flexible led mesh controller_slave control box


As we had made a lot of LED facade projects and our media facade market growed so rapidly, we came out a special department with new brand name, 3CINNOMesh to better promote our media facade screen series.   So for large pitch LED mesh products, you could visit the updated website 3cinno.com to get latest information. 

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