Flexible Mesh(1/2/4 LEDs per dot)

Environment: Outdoor/Indoor

Flexible Mesh is a high transparency flexible mesh LED display, with features like flexible installation, lightweight, high transparency and high brightness, it can adapt to various kinds of installation, such as bending, folding, winding, swing etc. Its highly artistry and creativity can be free to assemble into various shapes, always the best choice for the innovation and design company. Flexible Mesh is full weather-resistance, suitable for outdoor or indoor use, such as rental stage, live show, concerts, stage background, building facade, projects, etc. Flexible Mesh pixel pitch, size, and shapes can be customized, the minimum pixel pitch is 35mm. Multi-purpose installation accessories, flexible installation ways for various applications. Lightweight, easy to install and dismount. Single dot maintenance and replacement. High light transmittance, stage lights, smoke, sound can be unlocked. Flexible Mesh can be arranged as LED pixel dot, LED strip lighting, and flexible mesh LED display, showing nice graphics and videos effects.


Flexible Mesh


Flexible & Customizable

Flexible LED Mesh allows for custom solutions when you want to make it job specifically for certain projects. It delivers the best flexible quality when tailor-made to fit a place perfectly like a curved building façade, never at the expense of damaging the building’s structure the hard way. It can come in the way you want it to be. Panel size, pixel pitch, and varieties of shapes are in your custom solution.




Ultralight, easy to store and transport.



Easy Maintenance

You can remove each flexible strands of lights in each panel for easy maintenance.

Each panel of flexible strings is aligned by magnets for quick setup and breakdown.

Flexible Mesh              Flexible Mesh



IP66 rated, applicable for outdoor uses.


Flexible Mesh



Roll, fold, cover, wrap… Explore the infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes to put a unique video show for any structure.

Flexible Mesh


Flexible Mesh



With a custom frame that supports two panels back to back, it delivers a double-sided view of a stunning 3D digital show.


See-through Effects

With high transparency, it puts a phenomenal video show while maintaining the view from behind.


Useful Details

Pixel pitch(mm)P35P40P55P80P100P110P160
Light Source3-in-1 SMD 3535
LED QTY per pixel1/2/4
Brightness (cd/㎡)10001500900450300250200
Pixels per standard tile8×1288×1288×1288×1008×1008×1008×80
Viewing angle(H/V)140/140°
Color depth16 bit
Refresh rate1000Hz




ROHS                  CE


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