Front service outdoor led display

FS-o6: P6.67mm
FS-o8: P8mm
FS-o10: P10mm
Environment: Outdoor permanently

3CINNO front service outdoor led display, are designed to help you acquire more advertisers easier. The outdoor led display panels feature five-year color uniformity and 7000Nits higher brightness and that are the result of our highly strict requirement choosing single-bin LEDs from the worlds’ top outdoor SMD manufacturer. Based on the years of product development and product testing, our front service outdoor led display offers most stable performance as well as vivid and richer images. With our patent front-access and IP67 waterproof design, our led display billboards are maximum reduce the likelihood of issues, and increase the stability and the life time.


The front-service outdoor led display are well known for DOOH advertising including billboards along the road, media wall on the facade of building, digital signage on the public place.

Digital display billboard

UL outdoor led display   

   Born for North America market

Meeting the UL84 standard and Approved by MET certificate


front service outdoor led display


front service outdoor led display * Front service

Front service makes the led display limitless for installation space.

It is capable to mount the screen on the wall without the back heavy frame

Even any part has some issue, it will be very fast to change the part in front of the screen.


front service outdoor led display moduleThe unique front-service structure can get very flat screen surface without gap between modules.

It not only guarantees the convenience of the installation, but also very reliable.

The strong and precise kit run well after thousands of twisting and screwing.

front service outdoor led display

Safety hook on front service outdoor led display

safety outdoor led display


*Protection hook on each module prevents falling danger during the installation and maintenance process.



*Handle lets you take off or fix the module fast and easy at any time.

handle for front service outdoor led display module








wall-mounted outdoor led display


True wall-mounted installation way uses least space and save your installation cost !

Just fix the “L” shape steel on the wall and hang the cabinets directly.



wall-mounted front service outdoor led display


front service led display module No need conventional ribbon cable

Use standard RJ45 port as the module signal input to make clients easy to operate and maintain the outdoor video display


back up design front service outdoor led display module The backup data & power connectors keeps the outdoor led advertising screens always in right status, eliminating the risky of connection loosen during the tremendous transportation shaking. It makes the outdoor led display nearly trouble-free even after a long time working.


IP67 front service outdoor led display

Higher IP grade make the outdoor led displays withstand the rain, wind, and dirt even through heavy storm.

IP67 front and IP65 back is guaranteed by the unique silicon rubber seal embedded around every modules, both PCB sides gluing, and doorless cabinet design.


front service outdoor led display module

7000 nits high brightness led display


Golden-wire SMD  features the outdoor led display very high brightness that can compete with direct sunlight.


High refresh rate outdoor led display * High refresh rate

Up to 3840Hz refresh rate, no image tearing or video hiccups occur when facing the cellphone and other camera.



Useful Details

Pixel Pitch mm 6.67 8 10
Brightness(White balance) cd/m² 7000 7000 7000
LED Encapsulation SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) dots 144*144 120*120 96*96
Pixel Density dots/sqm 22,500 15,625 10,000
Viewing Angle (H/V)degree 160/120
Brightness Adjustment grade 256
Grey Scale bit 16
Frame Frequency Hz/s 60
Refresh Rate Hz ≥3,840
Scanning Mode 1/6 1/4 1/2
Max Power Consumption W/m² 650
Ave Power Consumption W/m² 220
Working Voltage AC AC 90~260V
Power supply UL, CE certified, with PFC
Working/Storage Temperature -40 ~ 60
Humidity 10%-90%RH
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Net Weight kg/pcs 35
Cabinet Size mm 960*960
IP Rating IP67 Front, IP65 Back
MTBF hours 5,000
Lifetime hours 100,000
Viewing Distance m ≧6 ≧8 ≧10
Installation Wall-mounted
Application Outdoor permanently



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