LED Banner Display

Model: B1.5, B1.9, B2.6, B2.9, B3.9

Pixel pitch: P1.56mm, P1.95mm, P2.604mm, P2.97mm, P3.91mm

Environment: Indoor

Application: Brand Store, Retail, Mall,etc.

LED Banner Display

Stand out your store!


The LED banner display is a multifunctional digital advertising element that can be installed anywhere in the store. It can be installed on the door lintel or behind the glass to help passers-by easily find the store, when they look up or wander around. It can also be installed on the wall to help everyone who walks into the store fast get promotions or understand the brand story.

The LED banner display easily makes the wall stand out, which is more attractive to potential customers and engage with them. It can display high-resolution videos, logos, promotions, sales and whatever you want.

They come in different sizes and can be made into long strips, rectangles, squares and even columns, and are specially designed to be installed and repaired on the front of the wall.

For brand stores, this is a very low-cost investment, but it can provide you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your business identity.


Ultra-thin LED Panel

The cabinet thickness is only 33mm. The ultra-thin design not only enhances the aesthetics of the display but also offers practical advantages. It allows for space-saving installations in various environments, particularly in settings where space is limited. Whether it’s for a retail store, corporate office, or public space, the ultra-thin LED display seamlessly integrates into the surroundings without being obtrusive. Additionally, the lightweight and slim profile of these displays make them easy to transport and install, further enhancing their versatility and usability.

Ultra-thin LED tile
Ultra-thin LED banner display

Clear LED Wall

Pixel pitch is small, refresh rate is as high as 3840Hz or up to 7680Hz, 16bit processing depth, 281 trillion colors. It is clear and sharp even when viewed at close range.

The “clear image” feature of LED walls is one of its most outstanding attributes. LED walls are engineered to deliver unparalleled image quality with stunning clarity and precision. These displays boast high resolution, which means that even the smallest details are rendered sharply and vividly. Whether you’re watching a high-definition video, viewing intricate graphics, or displaying text, the clarity of the image remains exceptional.

Play Video
Play Video

Multiple pitch options for LED banner

Banner signs have a variety of resolutions, the spacing includes 1.5, 1.9, 2.6, 2.9, 3.9mm, which can meet all the requirements of medium and high resolution.

With this feature, a single cabinet size can accommodate different pixel pitch configurations, allowing users to select the optimal pixel density for their specific application. This versatility is particularly valuable in situations where a balance between viewing distance and image detail is critical. For example, in large venues, a smaller pixel pitch may be chosen for a closer viewing experience with fine detail, while a larger pixel pitch might be preferred for displays intended for more extended viewing distances. 


LED Banner Display Pixel Pitches

Front serviceable, Cabless Module

The “front serviceable” feature in LED displays is a game-changer for ease of maintenance and accessibility. This design allows technicians to access and service the display from the front, eliminating the need for complex rear access or complete disassembly. It’s particularly valuable in scenarios where displays are installed close to walls or in spaces with limited rear access. 

Additionally, the “cabless module design” takes the convenience a step further by eliminating the need for external cabling. This streamlined design not only simplifies installation but also enhances the visual cleanliness of the display. It reduces the risk of cable damage and minimizes the complexity of troubleshooting and repairs. 

Front service LED banner sign

Various LED banner sizes

The cabinet size has different choices of 500x250mm, 750x250mm, 1000x250mm to achieve the closest screen size. Our banner display is designed to help achieve creative display configurations without destroying the project budget. Seamless right angles can easily realize your creative design.

1000/750/500x250mm LED banner

Possibility to Make 90 Degree LED Column

The “90-degree LED column display” is a remarkable innovation that transforms the way we think about visual presentations. Unlike traditional flat LED displays, this feature allows for displays to be seamlessly curved or wrapped around corners, creating captivating visual experiences in 360 degrees. Whether used in retail spaces, event venues, or architectural installations, the 90-degree LED column display immerses viewers in dynamic content that surrounds them from all angles. 

90 degree LED column display
90 degree LED screen

Possibility to Make Double-Side Display

The “double-side display” feature in LED displays represents a versatile and attention-grabbing solution for various applications. With this feature, an LED display panel is designed to showcase content on both sides, maximizing visibility and engagement. 

Double-side displays are commonly used in high-traffic areas like shopping malls, airports, and busy streets to capture the attention of passersby from multiple directions. They are particularly effective for advertising, as they provide advertisers with the opportunity to reach a larger audience without the need for multiple displays. 

Double-side LED banner display

Easy to use

The LED banner is designed for easy wall-mounted or stackable solutions with its light and simple design. The weight of the cabinet is 5.8KG for 1000x250mm, and the depth is 33mm. With interlocking mechanism, built-in power and data cables, and magnetic tools for maintenance, makes it easy to use.

Economic Simplicity

We used full aluminum cabinet technology. The design of high-quality LED displays is extremely simple, which can reduce construction costs and make LED banners the most economical and friendly display on our roster.

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Pixel Pitch (Resolution) 3.91 mm2.97mm2.604mm1.95mm1.56mm
Pixels Per Sq. Meter (Density) 65,536112,896147,456262,144409,600
Module Matrix 64×6484×8496×96128×128160×160
Scanning Mode1/32 1/281/321/321/40
Driving Method Constant current 
Module Dimensions 250mmx250mm 
Module Weight 0.5KG 
LED Package Type SMD 
Refresh Rate ≥3,840 Hz  
Video Frame Rate60 frames/second 
Grayscale 65536 (281 trillion colors)  
Color Depth 16 bit  
Contrast Ratio 3,000 : 1  
Brightness 800 ~ 1,000 NITS 
Brightness Control 256 levels  
Ideal Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 120°(V) 
Ideal Viewing Range 4m or greater 3m or greater2.5m or greater2m or greater1m or greater
Max. Power Consumption 650W/m² 650W/m² 650W/m² 650W/m² 650W/m² 
Avg. Power Consumption 220W/m² 220W/m² 220W/m² 220W/m² 220W/m² 
Input Voltage 88 ~ 264VAC  
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ – +50 ℃ 
MTBF >5,000 hours  
LED Life – Span 100,000 hours  
Cabinet Size 500x250mm, 750x250mm, 1000x250mm 
Cabinet Material Aluminum 
Cabinet Weight 2.9 KG,4.5KG, 5.8KG 


Show all video formats

Our system supports multiple formats and files: AVI, JPEG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, GIF, FLV. Our bright LED banners have a small pixel pitch to ensure excellent resolution. Play high-quality full-color videos, photos, texts, etc. In addition, you can also display interesting additional content: weather forecasts, local news, etc.

Make your shop stand out

We know that displaying videos, pictures, and dynamic content to convey sales and promotional messages is a basic step in developing a reliable advertising strategy, and it will draw a lot of attention to your business.

Our LED banners provide great brightness, and they stand out even among other LED signs.

We have developed the best LED digital signage for the commercial sector. Get ready to surprise your customers by announcing products and sales on your bright sign.

Provide an unforgettable shopping experience

Let us enjoy shopping again! Immersive digital signage connects shoppers with your brand, creates a lasting impression.

Screens can help shoppers learn more about products and brand story, and compare products, blurring the boundaries between online and physical stores.

Stay ahead of the competition

Technology is always evolving, so why invest heavily in a solution with a limited lifespan like a common decoration? Our digital signage as a service platform allows you to migrate to new technologies quickly and seamlessly without significant upfront costs.

This improved agility can help you keep up with shoppers’ expectations and make your store look (and feel) on the cutting edge.

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