LED Dome Display

Dome Shape LED Display: Dome-i2/2.5/3/4

Pixel pitch: P2, P2.5, P3,P4, etc.

Environment: Indoor

Application: Attractions, Theater, Museum, Flight simulator,etc.


LED Dome Display

Creating great immersive experience in your space!

Seamless splicing

By using the technology of uniform pixels extracting, it can realize real seamless splicing, which ensures that the picture does not distort at all and complete and consistent images are present.

True color

High color reproduction, good uniformity, high brightness enough for any indoor environment, high contrast, high grayscale, wide color gamut.

Customizable design

The dome diameter, display region, and fixing position can be all customized according to specific project requirements.

Efficient and stable

The LED dome screen adopts top-level lamps, energy-saving driving mode, and high-quality silent power supplies, making the screen life up to more than ten years.

Realistic 4D/5D feeling

The LED screen is hemispherical, and the audience’s field of vision is surrounded by it. With the moving seats, it can create a realistic 4D experience. By adding some smell, it gets a 5D experience.

Immersive experience

Due to the large image, which extends from the front of the audience to the back, and is accompanied by the stereo surround, it makes the audience feel like they are in the real scene, creating an overall immersive effect.

Application of Dome Screen

Immersive environment

The LED dome screen can be designed to provide any part of the sphere, creating an immersive environment with unparalleled performance.

The LED display is very suitable for installation in large spaces without ambient light control. The main advantage is high brightness and contrast. The display brightness is 5 to 10 times of a normal LCD, and the black is true black.

The 180~360 degree screen creates an ultra-wide, open screen that can be experienced even in the brightest environment.

Flying theater

The flying theater is a large suspended dome theater. Combined with dynamic seats, borderless film and television pictures, let the audience feel the immersive feeling.

In the dome flying movie theater, the seats are generally designed in the form of recliners, so that the audience does not have to struggle to look up at the dome and can watch them very comfortably.

The high-definition super-large dome-shaped display exceeds the audience’s field of vision, and the audience feels as if they are in a real scene. With the addition of a full range of six-channel stereo audio dubbing, there are extremely real on-site effects.

Videos on Dome Screen

Test videos on the dome screen

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