LED Poster Display

Installing LED poster displays in shops, shopping malls, halls, and bus stations will make your advertisements very eye-catching. The LED poster display can be customized to different sizes, the standard is 83 inches. It features Plug & Play, Ultra-thin, and Super-light.

  • iPoster-1.8: P1.875mm, 800 Nits
  • iPoster-2.0: P2mm, 800 Nits
  • iPoster-2.5: P2.5mm, 800 Nits
  • iPoster-2.8: P2.88mm, 800 Nits
  • iPoster-3.1: P3.125mm, 1000 Nits
  • iPoster-3.1H: P3.125mm, 4500 Nits
  • iPoster-3.7: P3.75mm, 1000 Nits
  • iPoster-3.7H: P3.75mm, 4500 Nits;

Environment: Indoor

Since its birth, LED poster displays have been very popular in shops and malls. First of all, as a fixed-size advertising LED display, it has a size similar to traditional paper posters or LCD posters, which does not occupy big space and doesn’t need additional support structure. Compared with LCD, it has all the visual advantages of LED screen, such as higher brightness, wider viewing angle and richer colors. Physically, it is also portable.

Digital LED Poster - P3.7, P3.1, P2.8, P2.5, P2, P1.8

Wide Application

The LED poster creates an extreme amazing visual experience in the stores,  ballroom, exhibition, hotel lobby, or corporate front desk, etc.

Excellent Visual Performance

With high defintion, 1000nits brightness much brighter than an LCD display, and up to 3840 Hz refresh rate, 160° wide viewing angle and true color delivering, it will engage with your audience faster and longer.

High Quality Image

From P3.7 to P1.8, you can choose the appropriate pixel pitch. Choose the right pitch to meet your requirements with minimal cost. Regardless of the pixel pitch, we can provide good image quality.

LED Poster

Plug & Play

Switch on the power and it will show the stored HD video or image automatically. All the content can be uploaded by USB or WiFi on mobile app. It is also available to connect a real-time video source by HDMI cable.


It is made up of XTile ultra-thin modules. The module is cableless design. That makes the maintenance service very easy and fast.

LED poster display
Ultra thin led poster


  • 25mm thickness for the screen body,most part of the poster
  • 45mm thickness for the bottom part built-in PSU and controller



Because it is light, it is very easy to move.

You can transport them to any place in a flight case. After placing it, you can also adjust its position and angle arbitrarily according to the flow of the audience.

Frameless Design

The frameless design makes the entire poster display look clear and gives audence a luxurious feeling.

Frameless LED poster screen

Seamless Splicer for a Bigger Screen

Multiple LED Posters can be put together to form a larger screen with no gaps. They can play continuous pictures or different pictures individually. 6pcs LED posters together is a 163″ LED screen.

Hanging or Wall-mounted Available

With the accessory, the led poster can be fixed in a different way. Besides free-standing, iPoster can be easily mounted on the wall or be suspended horizontally and verticallyChoose the best installation way for your application. 

Hanging installation

Vertically and horizontally hanging both available


Vertically and horizontally mounting both available

Multiple Display Modes

LED Poster Display Stand-Alone

Multiple ways to send data

LED Poster Display Wireless Multi-Screen

Wireless data to Multi-Screen

LED Poster Display Extended Mode

Multiple Screens-continuous image

LED Poster Display Mirroring Mode

Multiple Screens-individual image

Choose the Right Size for Your Application

The LED poster screen is composed of standard 300*337.5mm XTile modules. The size can be changed according to the number of modules. The standard LED poster size is 83″. If the width is doubled, it will be 93″. It is easy to customize a different size LED poster. The height can be reduced, the width can be increased or decreased. We can make a LED poster of the most ideal size for your application scenario.

GOB Protection

GOB makes the poster screens resistant to impact, moisture, and scratches. Whether your screen is installed in a place that is easy to touch or bump, or in a humid place, the GOB protective layer can give you peace of mind.

Useful Details

Pixel Pitch: P1.875, P2, P2.5, P2.8, P3.1, P3.7

LED Type: Black SMD 3-in-1 2020/1010

Viewing Angle: 120° H / 120° V

Brightness: 1000 Nits

Module Size: 300*337.5mm

Display Dimensions:  600*2025mm (83″)  (standard)

Weight: 26KG

Resolution: 320*1080 pixels (P1.875), 240*810 pixels (P2.5)

Refresh Rate: 3840 Hz

Gray Scale: >=14bits

Max. Power Consumption: 700W

Aver. Power Consumption: 230W

Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Working Temperature: -10~50

Humidity: 10%~90%

Video Interface: USB, HDMI, WiFi

Certificate: CE, RoHS, CCC

Package: Flight case


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