LED Strip Video

Lega-7: P7.8125
Lega-15: P15.625
Environment: Outdoor/Indoor

LED Strip Video could create two different lighting effects, delivering uniform lighting effect with diffuser up, more clear viewing experience without a diffuser. LED Strip Video color can be customized to match your brand image. Slim and thin features of LED Strip Video easy to make any creative shapes. LED Strip Video is not just a strip, but a screen which can display high definition videos and photos. Multiple installation ways make LED Strip Video much more user-friendly. Each LED can be controlled individually, which ensure other LEDs perform well when one of them is broken. LED Strip Video can be used for projects, building the facade, shopping mall, hall, hotel, etc.


For-your-custom-solutionled strip video has two different lighting effects



  • Diffuser up: better uniform lighting effect for art design


  • Diffuser free: more clear viewing experience for construct LED screen


led strip video (Black Color Standard, Customize Strip Profile Color to Enhance Your Brand)





  • Black Color (Standard)

High contrast, integrate into stage background more naturally when lights off

  • Customize Strip Profile Color to Enhance Your Brand




horizontal led strip video is placed at custom vertical intervals






  • Conventional Screen Configuration 

The strip could be horizontally installed at custom vertical intervals when building a LED video wall, a mesh, or a curtain.







Integrate led strip video into unique structures or create one-of-a-kind freeform LED display


  • Creative Screen Configuration 

Integrate it into unique structures or create one-of-a-kind freeform LED display.








led strip video brackets


  • Three Layers. Simple Structure. Big Use.

Three layers are independent and detachable for easy maintenance and installation. They are smartly combined either by a handful use of screws and by brackets.led strip video led panel, hybrid power and data cable


Substructure itself is a snap-in bracket for the rest combined layers to snap. The back of substructure is a slot for M6 inserts which is movable. In the slot, there are also inserts for fixed installation. You will find this removable feature handy when you are looking to install the full fixture on walls, ceilings and over any other creative structures.

led strip video removable substructure



led strip video U-bracket



  • Easy Cable-free (or with Cables) Connection

Untangled cables can be painful, but the connection between LegaStrip relieves the pain with hiding lead cables for neat and seamless connection in strip daisy-chain. To secure it, U-bracket is exclusively designed with four holes for the pushable buttons on substructure to fit.

led strip video snap-fits


Along with U-brackets, strip connection is further secured by snap-fits on the connectors of data-power cable.


led strip video blocking bracket and snap-fits


For specific design where the Power+Data cables don’t seem to be long enough, you also have an alternative to use extension cables for connection.

led strip video extension cables

Inserts on Substructure for safety wire; further secure the connection between strips especially for hanging installation.

led strip video substructure


  • Screw Mounting

Step1. Remove the substructure.

Step2.Fix it to supporting frame with screws or other mounting hardware such as nuts, bolts, corner braces, etc.

Step3. Snap the rest combined layers to the substructure.

Place M6 inserts and eyebolts in the slot at the back of substructure to suspend the strip.

led strip video Screw Mounting


  • Suspending

With exclusively designed hanging truss, suspending the strip daisy chains for screen configuration will be a breeze.The sliding truss hooks working with U-brackets allow for custom intervals between each strip daisy chain.

led strip video Suspending


  • Hanging

For hanging the seamless strip daisy chain, leave the snap-fits on cable connectors open by pushing blocking bracket up front to connect and remove the strips quick and easy.

led strip video Hanging


  • Adjustable Bracket

There is an optional bracket for ground or wall mount with adjustable angles from -60° to +60°.

led strip video Adjustable Bracket


  • 90° Turnable Bracket

The brackets that fix cable connectors are 90° turntable

led strip video 90° Turnable Bracket

mount led strip video horizontally



Turn two-way bracket 90° to the right, and mount the strips horizontally to the supporting frame for screen configuration.

led strip video creative shape



led strip video BRIGHTNESS ≥4500


≥4500 Nits

Excellent Display Effect Even in Direct Sunlight





More Clear Viewing

Every 1 LED Can be Controlled by 1 Pixel

led strip video EVERY LED AS ONE PIXEL


Useful Details 

Optical Pixel Pitch 7.8125 mm (Lega-7)
LED QTY (P7.8) 512 LEDs
Pixel Pitch 15.625 mm (Lega-15)
LED QTY (P15.6) 128 LEDs
LED Type Nationstar  SMD2727
Pixel Density 5,690 pixels/㎡
Brightness ≥4500nits
Color Processing 16 bit
Refresh Rate 6,000 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V) >140°
Electrical Working Voltage DC 36V
Max Power/Strip 17W
Mechanical Strip Size (without diffuser) 1000×31×40 mm
Weight/Strip (P7.8) 1.1KG
Weight/Strip (P15.6) 1KG
IP Rating IP65



17W  DC-36V

ROHS                 CE