Indoor LED Wall Panel

Model: Panel-1.25, Panel-1.37, Panel-1.53, Panel-1.66,

Panel-1.86, Panel-2, Panel-2.5, Panel-4, Panel-5

Pixel pitch: P1.25mm, P1.37mm, P1.53mm, P1.66mm,

P1.86mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm

Environment: Indoor

Application: Retail, Corporate Lobbies, Boardrooms and conference rooms, Education,etc.


LED Wall Panels

Front-access Wall-mounted LED Display Shinning Your Brand!


 LED wall panels, also known as LED display panels, are modular units built-in LED display modules, power supply, receiving card,etc. They are used to create large and dynamic visual displays. These panels are designed to be assembled together to form a seamless LED video wall or display screen. LED wall panels come in various sizes, shapes, and pixel pitches to cater to different applications and viewing distances.

A LED wall is composed of multiple LED panels for several practical reasons:

Scalability: LED panels are modular, which means you can assemble them to create a display of virtually any size. This scalability allows LED walls to be customized to fit the specific needs and dimensions of different spaces, whether it’s a small indoor display or a large-format indoor display.

Maintenance: LED panels are designed to be serviceable from the front. By having a modular structure, individual panels can be easily replaced or repaired without the need to dismantle the entire display. This simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime.

Transport and Installation: Smaller, lightweight LED panels are easier to transport and handle than a single, massive LED screen. This is especially important for large displays, as it allows for easier transportation and installation, even in locations with limited access.

Redundancy: In larger LED walls, having multiple panels provides a degree of redundancy. If one panel were to malfunction, the rest of the display can still function, minimizing disruptions during an event or campaign.

Customization: Different LED panels may have varying pixel pitches, brightness levels, or other specifications. By using multiple panels, you can mix and match them to achieve the desired display characteristics, such as resolution and brightness, for your specific application.

Aspect Ratio: LED walls often need to match specific aspect ratios, especially for video content. Using multiple panels allows for the creation of displays with the precise aspect ratio required for the content being shown.

Cost Efficiency: Mass-producing standardized LED panels is often more cost-effective than manufacturing one large, custom screen. This cost efficiency can be passed on to customers, making LED walls a more accessible technology.


*Cabinet back appearance will vary for specific configuration


One Module Size, Versatile Pixel Pitches, and Multiple Cabinet Options

Our LED wall panels redefine customization with a range of series, each offering distinct module sizes, versatile pixel pitches, and cabinet choices. Whether you need the precision of P1.25mm, P1.379mm, P1.538mm, P1.667mm, P1.86mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, or P5mm pixel pitches, our LED panels have you covered.

Tailor-Made for Your Vision

Within our series, you’ll find module sizes including the compact 320x160mm, providing flexibility in screen dimensions. Couple this with several cabinet options, such as 640x640mm, 640x480mm, and 320x160mm, and you have the power to tailor your LED display to meet your exact requirements.

Adaptability Meets Precision

With multiple series, each offering unique combinations of module sizes, pixel pitches, and cabinet sizes, our LED wall panels seamlessly adapt to various spaces and applications. Achieve precision and flexibility, ensuring that your visual message resonates with your audience, whether it’s an indoor video wall, interior signage, or dynamic retail display.

Elevate Your Visual Storytelling

Experience the freedom to elevate your visual storytelling like never before. Our LED panels empower you to create stunning, immersive displays with unmatched versatility. Whether it’s captivating your audience with high-resolution imagery or making a bold statement with larger-than-life content, our LED wall panels are your canvas for creativity.

LED wall panel module
320x160mm LED panel
640x480mm LED Panel
640x640mm LED panel

*Cabinet back appearance will vary for specific configuration

Effortless Front Service

Our LED wall panels are engineered with your convenience in mind, offering a front service design that simplifies maintenance and ensures uninterrupted performance.

Magnetic LED Modules

One standout feature of our LED panels is the innovative use of magnetic LED modules. This magnetic attachment system allows for quick and hassle-free module replacement. When maintenance is required, there’s no need for complex disassembly or rear access. Simply detach and replace the malfunctioning module from the front, reducing downtime and ensuring your display remains operational.

No Space Constraints

Front installation is a game-changer, eliminating the need for space behind the LED wall. This makes our LED panels ideal for venues with limited clearance or where access to the rear is restricted. You can confidently install and maintain your LED display in virtually any environment, maximizing your space without compromising on visual impact.

User-Friendly Maintenance

Maintenance becomes a breeze with front service capabilities. Whether it’s routine inspections, module replacements, or fine-tuning the display, our LED wall panels allow for straightforward and user-friendly maintenance. Say goodbye to complex rigging and rear access challenges.

Experience unmatched convenience and peace of mind with our LED wall panels. The combination of magnetic LED modules, front installation, and space-saving design sets a new standard for user-friendly LED displays. Elevate your visual presentations while enjoying hassle-free maintenance, all in one package

Continuous Performance

Our front service design ensures that your LED wall remains operational with minimal disruption. By simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime, you can trust that your display will deliver consistent and uninterrupted performance, whether it’s a critical presentation or a long-running event.

LED Wall

Cost-Effective Brilliance: Performance Without Compromise

Our LED wall panels embody a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and high-performance excellence. We achieve this remarkable feat by utilizing widely adopted module shells, common cables, and popular components, all without compromising on performance.

Smart Component Choices

Behind the scenes, our LED panels feature smart component choices. From the most-used power supply brand to trusted receiving cards, driver ICs, and LED diodes, every component is carefully selected to ensure reliable and consistent performance. While these components are widely available and cost-effective, they deliver exceptional visual quality and longevity.

Performance that Stands Out

It’s our commitment to performance that sets us apart. Even with common components, our LED wall panels deliver vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and seamless visuals that captivate your audience. Whether you’re showcasing high-resolution content or dynamic presentations, you can count on our displays to shine.

Cost Savings, Quality Assurance

By adopting popular and readily available components, we pass on cost savings to you without compromising on quality. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of a high-performance LED display while staying within your budget. It’s a win-win solution that combines affordability with exceptional visual impact.

Versatility and Value

Our cost-effective approach doesn’t just benefit your bottom line; it enhances the versatility and value of your LED wall panels. Whether you’re setting up large-scale displays, interactive installations, or dynamic signage, our panels provide the flexibility and performance you need to make a lasting impression.

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Immersive Visuals in High Definition

Our LED wall panels redefine visual excellence, delivering high-definition, razor-sharp images that captivate and engage your audience.

Impressive Resolution

With a focus on high-definition visuals, our LED wall panels provide impressive resolution, making them ideal for applications where image quality matters most. Whether it’s for presentations, broadcasts, or dynamic content, you can trust that your visuals will shine with crystal clarity.

Vivid Colors and Contrasts

Experience visuals that come to life with vivid colors and striking contrasts. Our LED panels boast exceptional color accuracy and dynamic contrast ratios, ensuring that every image, video, or graphic you display appears as intended. Your content will have a depth and vibrancy that truly stands out.

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Versatile Installation, Endless Possibilities

Our LED wall panels offer versatile installation options, allowing you to bring your visual concepts to life in a variety of settings. With the flexibility to choose from wall-mounted, ground-stacked, or hanging configurations, the possibilities are endless.

Wall-Mounted Brilliance

For a sleek and integrated look, wall-mounted installation is the perfect choice. Our LED panels seamlessly blend into any space, whether it’s a corporate boardroom, retail environment, or digital signage application. Wall-mounted displays provide a polished and professional appearance, creating a lasting impression on your audience.

Ground Stacking for Impact

When you need a freestanding solution, ground stacking offers impactful versatility. Set up your LED wall panels on the floor to create eye-catching displays at events, exhibitions, or retail showrooms. The stability of ground stacking ensures that your message stands tall and commands attention.

Hanging Displays for Creative Freedom

For a dynamic and creative approach, consider hanging your LED wall panels. This installation option is perfect for capturing attention from above, making it an excellent choice for large venues, stages, and event spaces. Create captivating visual experiences that defy gravity and leave a lasting impact.

Seamless Adaptability

Our LED wall panels are designed with seamless adaptability in mind. Whether you choose wall-mounted, ground-stacked, or hanging installation, you’ll find that our displays effortlessly adapt to your vision. Mix and match installation options to create unique and engaging environments that suit your specific needs.

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Pixel Pitch (Resolution) (mm)1.251.3791.5381.6671.8622.545
Pixels Per Sq. Meter (Density) 640,000525,862422,754359,857289,051250,000160,00062,50040,000
Module Matrix 256X128232X116208X104192X96172X86160X80128X6480X4064X32
Scanning Mode1/64 1/581/521/481/431/401/32 , 1/641/201/16
Module Dimensions 320mmx160mm
LED Package Type SMD / GOB (Opitonal)
Refresh Rate 1920 / 3,840 / 7680 Hz 
Driving Method Constant current
Video Frame Rate60 frames/second
Color Depth 14 / 16 bit 
Contrast Ratio 3,000 : 1 
Brightness 600 ~ 1,000 NITS
Brightness Control 256 levels 
Ideal Viewing Angle 120°(H) / 120°(V)
Max. Power Consumption (Approx.)600W/m² 
Avg. Power Consumption (Approx.)200W/m² 
Input Voltage AC220V / AC110V
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ – +50 ℃
MTBF >5,000 hours 
LED Life – Span 100,000 hours 
Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Size 640x640mm, 640x480mm, 320x160mm
LED wall panels specs


Certainly, here are some common applications of indoor LED walls:

    • Retail Stores: Indoor LED walls are used in retail environments for advertising, brand promotion, and creating engaging shopping experiences. They can display dynamic product visuals, promotions, and interactive content.

    • Corporate Lobbies: Many businesses install LED walls in their lobbies to greet visitors with branded content, corporate messaging, and real-time information such as stock prices or news updates.

    • Boardrooms and Conference Rooms: Indoor LED walls are employed in corporate meeting spaces for presentations, video conferencing, and collaborative discussions, ensuring high-quality visuals for effective communication.

    • Entertainment Venues: Indoor LED walls are a staple in theaters, concert halls, and event venues, enhancing performances with dynamic visuals, backdrops, and immersive displays.

    • Houses of Worship: LED walls are used in places of worship to display religious content, scriptures, and sermons, enhancing the worship experience for congregations.

    • Education: Educational institutions utilize indoor LED walls for interactive learning, presentations, and creating engaging classroom environments. They can display educational content, videos, and live data.

    • Healthcare Facilities: In healthcare settings, LED walls are used for patient information, wayfinding, and creating a calming atmosphere in waiting areas. They can also display health-related content.

    • Hotels: Hotels employ LED walls for guest information, wayfinding, and creating a welcoming atmosphere in lobbies and common areas. They can display event schedules, promotions, and local attractions.

    • Broadcast Studios: Indoor LED walls serve as dynamic backdrops for television broadcasts and live shows, enhancing visual appeal and production quality.

    • Control Rooms: Mission-critical environments such as control rooms in utilities, transportation, and security agencies use LED walls to display real-time data and information for decision-makers.

    • Automotive Showrooms: Car dealerships use indoor LED walls to showcase the latest vehicle models, features, and promotional content, attracting potential buyers.

    • Museums and Exhibitions: Indoor LED walls are used in museums and exhibition spaces to present multimedia content, interactive exhibits, and immersive displays.

    • Public Spaces: Indoor LED walls in public spaces like transportation hubs, shopping malls, and city centers provide dynamic visuals, event promotion, and community announcements.

    • Gaming and Esports Arenas: Esports venues and gaming centers often feature LED walls for displaying gameplay, live streams, and immersive gaming experiences.

    • Fashion Shows: LED walls are used as striking runways and backdrops during fashion shows, showcasing designs and creating visually captivating experiences.

    These are just a few examples of how indoor LED walls are utilized across various industries and settings. Their ability to deliver high-quality visuals and dynamic content makes them an invaluable tool for communication, engagement, and entertainment.
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