Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED displays are widely used in retail stores for its clear and HD nature , and are now becoming popular in clubs because they allow stage light to pass through.

  • C1.9: P1.9mm(H)/3.9mm(V)
  • C2.8: P2.8mm(H)/5.6mm(V)
  • C3.9: P3.9mm(H)/7.8mm(V)
  • C5.4: P5.4mm(H)/10.8mm(V)
  • C7.8: P7.8mm(H)/7.8mm(V)
  • C10.4: P10.4mm(H)/10.4mm(V)
  • C15.6: P15.6mm(H)/15.6mm(V)

Environment: installed indoor (viewable from outdoor)

Clear series Transparent LED Display

Good choice for retail and shopping mall,

club stage and more…


High transparency, 45%~90%, Not block the sight as well as the natural light


6KG/panel(1000*500mm), 12KG/sqm, Easy to handle


Frameless and cable-hidden design help the entire screen get clean and elegant apperance


75mm thickness for power box, the screen body is ultra-thin less than 10mm

High Transparency

Good design can have a super high transparency rate. The see-through effect provides a stunning virtual effect and makes you feel a bigger space than the real situation!

Modular Design

The standard cabinet design is 1000*500mm. This size is easy to handle by hands. Other size like 1000*1000mm, 500*500mm, 875mm*500mm is also available in order to be close to the required size.


Clear Image

Though it has so high transparency rate, the small pitch like P1.9, P2.9, and P3.9 can be made. They will deliver high definition videos to engage your clients or audiences.

Easy Set-up

With the simple locks and lightweight body, the installation is very fast! You can hang or stand the screen easily.

Custom Shape

It is available to make a circle, a square column, or some other curved shaped led screen.

Fast maintenance

The module on the cabinet can be disassembled front and rear and it uses cable-less design that makes the maintenance easy and fast!

Transparent LED display used in the brand store

The transparent LED play can dynamically display high-definition product advertisements and brand stories.
And its high transparency will not prevent potential customers from seeing the inside of the store.
Therefore, it is an ideal media wall for advertising in branded stores.
It attracts potential customers and increases their stay time.
In addition, the transparent screen brings unlimited creativity to the decoration of brand stores.
It can increase the sense of space in a branded store.

*Recommend watching the video in HD or 720P quality

A Large-format transparent LED display was installed on the ceiling of the mall

Why choose a transparent screen instead of a normal screen to install on the roof of a large shopping mall?

  • Compared with ordinary indoor display screens, transparent screens are lighter; suitable for large-area installations;
  • The transparent screen will not block the natural light; it will not affect the sense of space;
  • The transparent screen is easy to install;
  • The visual effect of the transparent screen is special;

*Recommend watching the video in full screen and 720P or 1080P quality

Not only for advertising!

The transparent screen is very suitable for use in clubs.
Stage lighting is indispensable for the stage in the club.
But the large traditional LED display blocked the lighting.
On the contrary, the transparent screen allows light to pass through.
Video content can interactive with lighting.
In fact, it helps to create a dazzling entertainment stage by playing dynamic and dazzling videos.

*Recommend to watch the video in HD or 720P quality

Case Study

Strict Test

Our transparent led screen will go through 48 hours aging test and strict quality checking before delivery. We guarantee every screen will work well after installtion. All the customer need to do is to turn on it and run the advertisements.  That gives you peace of mind.

Transparent led screen buring-in test
Transparent led screen aging test

More reasons to choose a transparent led display......

  • Transparent LED Display is no doubt the best choice as windows ads player, without sacrifice ventilate and natural light with the 45%~90% transparency, you won’t miss any view from it.
  • Transparent LED Display is ultra slim and thin, easy for installation and transportation, time and labor efficient.
  • The quick lock system of Transparent LED Display secured quick and fast connection.
  • Integrated power and data cables save lots of trouble when installing Transparent LED Display and make it looks tidy and elegant.
  • Transparent LED Display can only be installed indoors, but also viewable from outside of the building, high brightness and high definition making a stunning effect of your ads to passers.
  • Transparent LED Display possesses transparent and modern product aesthetics which can benefit to installation over windows, glass façade and for creative event production as well.
  • It is lightweight and ultrathin, making deployment a breeze.
  • High transparency guarantees natural view behind the screen while delivering clear and crisp contents viewable for both day and night.
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