Módulo LED flexível de passo pequeno

FM-HD1.56:  P1.56mm

FM-HD1.90: P1.90mm

FM-HD1.95H: P1.95mm

FM-HD2.54: P2.54mm

Ambiente: Indoor

Small Pitch Flexible LED Module was developed for the big requirements of ultra high definition led screen.

It is not only a fine pitch led screen, but also available for a circular shape, pillar shape, and other irregular shapes.

Thanks to its high-end technology innovative design, it can make any curved surface. So it is suitable for artistic modeling, personalized stage design, exhibition hall, indoor meeting room, casino, etc.


Para sua solução personalizada

Flexible LED Module is more capable of a customized creative design than a conventional item.

With good flexibility, it can be curved and make interesting forms for your custom solutions.

Besides creating a curve, 360°circular screen, it can also make an irregular shape screen like a dome!

Dome small pitch led display


Up to 90° Concave and Convex

Flexible LED Module is one of the innovative ultra-slim products.


Flexible LED Module’s flexibility allows for bending in any way.

It completely breaks out of the traditional heavy cabinet and can be used in any complex installation environment.



250*250mm / 304.8*304.8mm

250mm*250mm is a popular module size.

Also, 304.8*304.8mm is 1 foot by 1 foot which is a universal unit in the North American market.

So it comes handy when you assemble a display of any regular size.


Design modular magnético

Thanks to the magnetic design, it lets you quickly install and dismantle the display from the front side.           

Advantage of front service

Firstly, it allows for simple on-site repairs without having to remove the entire back of a tile.

Moreover, it will be absolutely convenient when the display is installed in a narrow place short of enough space for back service.

HD Flexible LED Module


P1.562/P1.905/P1.953/P2.54  for High Definition Flexible LED Module


conexão sem emenda conduzida flexível do módulo


Conexão sem emenda

O módulo preciso conecta-se perfeitamente à experiência de visualização suave.



módulo flexível do preto Máscara SMD anti-reflexo preta


Máscara SMD anti-reflexo preta

Ensures high contrast and delivers uncompromising performance.

High gray level, high refresh rate

Without image delay, ghosting phenomenon.




Detalhes Úteis 

Pitch de pixel (mm)P1.562P1.953P1.905P2.54
Fonte de luzPreto 1010Preto 1010Black 1515Black 1515
Brilho (cd / ㎡)600600800800
Pixels por módulo160×160128×128160×160120*120
Ângulo de visão (H / V)140 ° / 140 °
Profundidade de cor16 bits
Taxa de atualização3840HZ



DC-5V30W                              ROHS                CE



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