Stage LED Screen

A large-scale center-stage LED display plays a key role in entertaining, informing and engaging viewers. Both high-resolution performance and capability to fit creative stage design are expected from stage LED screen. For concert touring, LED displays that are easy to transport and deploy is always a necessity. As what we have already known, flexible LED display is one of the perfect options to fill that role in staging world.

Let’s have a look at two stage examples at world-famous concert tour starring renowned pop singers in Asia.


foldable Stage LED Screen



Mayday’s (famous Taiwanese rock band) concert stage in 2013

Instead of a single fixed stage LED screen, more viewing dimensions were added to the stage using LED columns built by foldable LED display. At Mayday’s stage, foldable LED screens modules were configured into three-sided LED columns either arising from the stage bottom or down from the ceiling as a centering. Foldable, lightweight design made the deployment quick and easy.



Jay Chou’s (Asia’s reigning R&B king ) World Tour in 2015 custom-made Stage LED Screen

The stage LED screen at this tour features an inverted triangles consisting of custom-made freeform LED display modules. At both sides of the stages hung two rental displays in favor of audience sitting along the sides of the venue. To add more energy and excitement to the concert, the stage was designed in freestyle, not only the video content was engaging, a unique display configuration is also icing on the cake.




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