Transparent led display screen

How to drive business into your store? New way with transparent LED display

What’s the most effective way to drive more traffic into your stores? —LED digital signage

For most of the lifespan of retail stores, the answer has been the digital signage to capitalize on a heavy drive-by and foot traffic. According to the survey from Small Business Association, the average sales increases 50% from signage, and business on highways get up to 90% of its sales from billboards, and outdoor led displays typically increase the sales volume from 20% up to 150%.

Dynamic outdoor led displays have been proven to increase your sales because they can:


Outdoor led display for store1), Impact customers with up-to-the-minute daily specials

2), Target passerby audiences with different messages on the morning, noon or night

3), Promote your brands with eye-catching graphics and text

4), Lower the costs as LED display technology is more efficiently and has a longer lifespan compared to other signage

5), Get highly sales of advertised items after scheduling professional-looking messages with user-friendly software


When use led advertising displays in some place where people don’t want to make any change for the existing building structure and affect the overall appearance of the building aesthetics, it will be a big concern for designers or integrators to think which type led digital signage is suitable? And especially when integrating an advertising display on the storefront glass window, there is another major concern: How can the outdoor led display not impede natural light into space?

Transparent led display screen

Transparent LED Display, New Advertising Element Designed for Storefront Windows

The transparent LED display is the best solution to transform your storefront glass windows into an attractive point that display your brand fashion, trends, and new lines to engage passersby, capture the buying interest of potential customers, and drive business into your retail location!

Transparent led display for car dealer

1), 75% highly transparency doesn’t block the natural light flowing inside and see-through for viewers inside and also outside the retail stores. The tiny led lamps are almost invisible from outside the store. Ugly paper colored advertising posters no more need on the windows that blocked the view from either inside or outside the storefront location.

2), High brightness up to 6000 Nits that  Transparent led display for car dealercan also compete with direct sunlight like normal outdoor led display

3), No need to change the existing structure. Smaller space required because of compact design and lightweight. The advertising display is mounted on a clear sheet and capable suspended or stacked behind your window. This will also allow you to move the led advertising screen around the inside to a different location inside your business location.

4), The window advertising display can be programmed either in your store or remotely via the internet. This allows you can instantly update the advertising content for one location or 1000+ locations from your corporate headquarters or other location.

5), Works 7 Days a week & 24 hours a day. Easy operating and easy maintenance.

The big use for transparent LED display

Transparent led display with its advances than traditional outdoor led displays, it has expended new opportunities to place digital signage in places most people wouldn’t have in the past.

Thanks to its ability to customize the panel size to fit for the existing window frame, besides as window advertising display, transparent led display is capable to integrate seamlessly into architectural facades as large format media wall.  With glass building booming in most cities, the transparent led screen can create a centerpiece to large window fronts of retail, hotels, airports, and landmark buildings, and more.

transparent led display for glass buildingtransparent led display for glass building

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