Hexagon LED-skärm i klubben

anpassad dj-båt ger exklusiva och fantastiska visuella upplevelser

anpassad dj-båt ger svala visuella upplevelser

HD anpassad dj-monter

anpassad dj-bås levererar högupplösta videor

anpassad dj-monter i baren

extremt cool effekt av anpassad dj-bås

anpassad dj-båt skapar en minnesvärd visuell upplevelse

anpassad dj-båt ger enastående visuell upplevelse

Custom DJ Booth brings exclusive and stunning visual experiences. Building a creative DJ booth seems much easier than ever before. You can take advantage of so many freeform LED elements, durable and flexible LED fixtures, and custom solutions in your favor. The sky is the limit. Customization lets you have it as long as you can dream it.

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