Fine Pitch LED Display

With the new Mini LED technology, the fine pitch led screen has better impact resistance and visual performance!

  • UHD-0.9M:  P0.937mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1,2:  P1.25mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-1.2M:  P1.25mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1,5:  P1.56mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-1.5M:  P1.56mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1,8:  P1.875mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-2,0:  P2.08mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-2,5:  P2.5mm, SMD 3-in-1

Miljö: Inomhus


Fine Pitch LED Display delivers true-to-life images and videos with high precision pixel pitches, and brings a great viewing experience to the audience at a close viewing distance. By providing extraordinary image quality with precise colors,  Fine Pitch LED Display creates remarkable visual experiences that keep constant over time. 

What’s more, it allows you to increase your screens’ work-life thanks to their high reliability and advanced features. Lightweight front accessible Fine Pitch LED Display with conveniences over the conventional fixed led screen, it makes things easier for stack or hanging installation without any tools. The uses for the  Fine Pitch LED Display are endless, and people become more and more used to interacting with them for business. People always stop and say “Wow.”


Toppmoderna och uppgraderade Fine Pitch LED Display-lösningar möjliggör nya applikationer inom ett brett spektrum av fält, inklusive kontrollrum, sändningsstudior, mötes- och utbildningsrum, museer, högskolor, brandvaror, köpcentra, biografer, hotell, sportbarer, flygplatser och hus av dyrkan etc.


finhöjdledd visning som används i sändnings- / kontrollrum
fin pitch led display som används i företags- / videokonferens


Cable-free design cabinet

The wireless connection between the cabinets simplifies wiring and reduces failure rates.

finkolvsladdad displaykabelfri anslutning


Integrated power and control card box cabinet

The integrated design makes customers no longer face the HUB card, power supply, and receiving card.
The customer’s installation and maintenance have become very simple.
For any receiving card or power issues, customers only need to replace the small box.

Integrated control box indoor fine pitch screen


16: 9 golden ratio fin pitch ledd display

* 16:9 panel size,  600*337.5mm         

* 4:3 panel size,   640*480mm      

Med exakt 16: 9/4: 3 modulär design kan skärmen få standard FHD, 2K, 4K upplösning direkt och spela upp någon 16: 9 HD-video utan någon skala. De två mest typiska panelstorleksförhållandena är 4: 3, även känd som standardpanel eller fyrkantspanel, och 16: 9, även känd som guldförhållandepanel eller bredpanel.

Easy to configure 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K High resolution Indoor Screen

16:9 high resolution indoor screen
främre åtkomst fin pitch ledd visning

* Front service

Magnetmoduldesign kan byta alla moduler inom 2 sekunder.   

Den är tillgänglig för väggmonterade skärmar under situationen med begränsat utrymme på baksidan.

Front access fin pitch ledd display med magnetverktyg

Frontunderhållsmodulen är tid och arbetsbesparande, vilket bara tar några sekunder att ta bort funktionsmodulen med ett magnetiskt verktyg.

plugga och spela finhöjdledd display

* Wireless module

* Plug & Play module

Kabelfri anslutning gör det bekvämt att installera, vilket gör att du kan göra mycket manuellt problem.

Plug and Play-design för moduldata och strömingång, ingen extra likströmskabel och bandkabel.

finhöjdledd displaymodul

There are no power or data cables between module and inside receiving card, which can save you time, labor & space by quite a lot and secure a good power & data connection.

safty fin pitch ledd display

* Safety design with backup data and power

Fine Pitch LED Display har backup data och strömförsörjning, om en av dem misslyckas, fortsätter den andra att fungera, vilket garanterar att ingen data går förlorad och säker skärmdrift. Överflödig data och strömförsörjning gör att skärmen går bra hela tiden vid sändning på plats, live möte etc.


4K High Definition finhöjdledd display

* 4K

Ultrafina pixelhöjd ger HD, UHD, 4K videoinnehåll till liv. Ny teknik har applicerats på både modul och skåp för att uppnå en sömlös anslutning.

3840 HZ uppdateringshastighet med finhöjdledd visning

* Hög uppdateringshastighet

Uppdateringshastighet upp till 3840Hz, ingen bildskärning eller videohicka uppträder när du vänder mot kameran. Fine Pitch LED-skärm möjliggör full visning av enskilda pixlar utan bildförvrängning.

3000: 1 kontrastförhållande fin pitch ledd visning

* Svart antireflektion SMD ökar kontrasten

* Skarp färg och ljushet enhetlighet

* Hög grå även under låg ljusstyrka

160 visningsvinkel fin pitch ledd visning

* 160 ° betraktningsvinkel

* Kvalitet garanterad av automatisk produktionslinje

Fine Pitch LED-skärmens stora betraktningsvinkel ger dig den fulla vyn, oavsett var du sitter, medan UHDs bild- och videoinnehåll ger dig en underbar tittarupplevelse.


Useful Details:

Pixel pitch: 0.9375mm (UHD-0.9M), 1.25mm (UHD-1.2M), 1.5625mm (UHD-1.5M)

LED Type: Mini LED IMD 4-in-1

 Pixel pitch: 1,25 mm (UHD-1,2), 1.5625mm (UHD-1,5), 1.875mm (UHD-1,8),  2.08mm (UHD-2), 2.5mm (UHD-2,5)

LED Type: SMD 3-in-1

ljusstyrka: 800 CD/m2

Viewing angle: 160° H / 160° V

Refresh rate: 3840 Hz

Gray scale: 16 bits

Contrast: 4000 : 1

Max. power consumption (Full white color): 600W/m2

Aver. power consumption (playing videos): 200W/m2

Input power:  AC110~240V 50/60 Hz

Cabinet size: 600*337.5mm (23.6″ * 13.28″)

Service ability: Front

Installation access: Front or Rear

IP rating: IP30

Certificates: 3C, CE, RoHS


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More advantage description:

Fine Pitch LED Display adopts breakthrough technology to achieve the real seamless splicing with P0.9/P1.2 /P1.5 / P1.6 / P1.8/ P1.9/ P2.0/ P2.5 pixel pitch. The excellent features of dual backup of the power supplies and the receiving cards, which enhances the stability and reliability. 

The high-density pixels create a full-detailed and crisp appearance, adding an element of luxury and high quality to Fine Pitch LED Display and making it ideal for your location. Fine Pitch LED Display to get ultra-high resolution images for indoor applications where image quality matters, such as control rooms, broadcasting studios, meeting & training rooms, museums, college campuses, brand retails, etc.

The Small Pitch LED Display has enhanced the high standard of image and video performance. UHD LED Display brings new chances for content which was restricted by LCD video screen. 

The module, receiving-card, power-supply, and cables between cabinets are all front maintainable which can save a lot of space and time. What’s more, the specially-designed aluminum cabinet could be installed from the front as well, which makes it more adjustable to the limited-space condition. 

Noteworthy innovative features and high-end technologies allow Fine Pitch LED Display to cater various of intensive applications; making it a complete package for any requirement you may have and bring your content to life.

Ultra high definition Fine Pitch LED Display creates a true-to-life viewing experience. The audience can enjoy a great viewing experience with high contrast, large viewing angle and seamless splicing. With a pleasing to the eye 16:9 golden ratio, Fine Pitch LED Display could create an immersive viewing experience, and easy to splice to inconsistent with most common-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9, which could cut down the splicing cost. 

The back of cabinet has an LCD information window that it displays real-time temperature, voltage, cabinet usage timing for each time used and total hours of usage. Its excellent color consistency, big color-gamut, and stunning image quality make itself an ideal product for professional conferencing and creative multimedia LED screen.

Each part of Fine Pitch LED Display has reliable and stable pin type socket, which secured the connection of displays. The cable-free design makes it fast for assembling and stable in data & power transmission, achieving tidy and elegant connection. Finely processed diecasting aluminum cabinet, special splicing-structure can achieve seamless splicing. 

The connecting mechanism could dispose of dark or bright lines between panels and cause no worry of installation efficiency for the engineers anymore. Unique structural design that helps you to install the screen on the ground or hanging without any tools, convenient for both hanging or stacking installation.

Fine Pitch LED Display has a world-class performance and quality to meet the high standard requirements of indoor HD display applications such as broadcasting studios, control rooms, conference rooms, pavilions, monitoring centers, command centers and so on.

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