Esnek LED Ekran Modülü (P1.5-P4)

Flexible LED modules are capable to make any high-definition curved screen surface no matter how small or big the concave or convex is. From fine pitch P1.25mm to a P4mm, it provides many possibilities in your design.

  • FM-i3C: P3.076mm, 320*160mm
  • FM-i2.5C: P2.5mm, 320*160mm
  • FM-i2C: P2.0mm, 320*160mm
  • FM-i1.8C: P1.86mm, 320*160mm
  • FM-i4B: P4mm, 256*128mm
  • FM-i2B: P2mm, 256*128mm
  • FM-i4: P4mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i3: P3mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i2.5: P2.5mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i2: P2mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i1.8: P1.875mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i1.6: P1.667mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i1.5: P1.579mm, 240*120mm
  • FM-i1.2: P1.25mm, 240*120mm

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3CINNO Flexible LED displays are capable to make any curved surface no matter how small or big the concave or convex is. The flexible LED screen comes with a modular design available to do any bigger size led screen, and magnetic design available for front service.

And it has a long lifetime and reliable performance because of advanced manufacturing techniques and high-grade materials like golden-wire LED chips and MBI driver IC.

Flexible led display module is uniquely lightweight, thin, strong, and adaptable – very suitable for fixed and semi-fixed installations with unique design requirements. With the highest resolution design along with high refresh rate and contrast, the flex led display creates an eye-catching led video wall that stops visitors in their tracks and has maximum impact for liver events or advertising, which is perfect for artistic modeling, personalized design in brand stores, auto shows, hall of landmarks, etc.


90 derece esnek ledli ekran modülü

90 ° 'ye yakın içbükey ve dışbükey

Esnek ledli ekran modülü

The flex led module can bend to any angle within 90 degree. So it is capable to make a very big concave and convex led display, which provides customers the biggest flexibility for their custom curve display solution.

ödünsüz esneklik ve çok yönlülük esnek ledli ekran modülü



Ön hizmet

What’s the front service led display?

A full front-service led display actually includes two parts,  front installation, and front maintenance. It has become a technical standard for most fixed installation occasions such as indoor retail displays, luxury lobby advertising displays, broadcasting rooms, etc. in which there is no space on the back.

Kavisli bir led ekran, arkasında büyük bir boşluk olmadan gömülebilir veya sarılabilir. Manyetik tasarımlı esnek led ekranlar ön servisi mümkün kılar ve değiştirmeleri kolaydır.

Strong magnets and slightly adjustable

The design of the embedded strong magnet makes the adsorption of the module very strong.

Magnet fine-tuning to ensure the flatness of the module

Improved patented apperance

Deep V-shaped design makes the module softer

X texture makes apperance more elegant


Because the flex module can be bent freely, firmness is very important.


Fine pitch ultra high-defintion flexible screen

P1.25/P1.579/1.6/1.8/2/2.5mm small pitch flexible LED Module can get a very high definition screen .

Esnek led modülü kesintisiz bağlantı

Kesintisiz bağlantı

Kesin modül sorunsuz izleme deneyimine kusursuz bir şekilde bağlanır.


Esnek led modülü siyah yansıma önleyici smd maskesi

Siyah Yansıma önleyici SMD Maskesi

Ensures high contrast and delivers uncompromising performance.

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Various size options

320*160mm: P3.076mm, P2.5mm, P2mm, P1.86mm

256*128mm: P4mm, P2mm

240*120mm: P4mm, P3mm, P2.5mm, P2mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm,  P1.579mm, P1.25mm

200*150mm: P1.667mm, P1.5625mm

We provide a variety of size modules, which are common sizes for ordinary indoor LED displays and are widely accepted in the LED display market.

The old curved design made of flat modules with edges and small gaps, without a doubt, now are changing to a very smooth arc with the latest flexible modules.

With the popularity of small-pitch displays, even curved or cylindrical screens, high-resolution P1.5m, P1.6, P1.8 to P2.5, are also very popular.


Faydalı Detaylar 

Pixel pitch: P1.5625mm, P1.667mm, P1.875mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm

LED type: Black SMD 1010, Black SMD 2020 (P4, P5)

Parlaklık: 1000 Nits

Module size: 200*150mm (P1.5/1.6), 240*120mm (P1.8/2/2.5/3/4),  256*128mm (P2/P4), 320*160mm (P2.5/5)

Viewing angle: 110° / 110° (Flat),  360°(For cylinder screen)

Gary scale: > 14bits

Refresh rate: 1000 Hz or 3840Hz

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