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Outdoor Series (HD Outdoor Sphere Screen)


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Rental (available with custom detachable holding structure)


LED Sphere Display (also known as LED ball display, Globe LED display, or sphere LED screen), is a new design and creative type of LED screen product, which shapes as a ball, delivering a 360-degree view effect. LED Sphere Display presents images and videos without any image distortion. It is different from traditional LED displays and more attractive with its unique 360 degrees spherical appearance. It stands out of the crowd in all kinds of LED displays owing to its unique design and it is an indispensable part of all kinds of hall and stages.

With our patent design, the outdoor LED sphere display can be used for permanent outdoor applications with its high-grade IP.  An outdoor LED Ball Display stands in an exterior place that has high brightness of day-viewing, and all-weather proof.

Outdoor LED Sphere Display is a great choice in front of the grand public places, like a shopping mall, casino, and the airport, requiring a modern LED display to display images or videos.


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Dış Mekan LED Küre Ekran


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Custom LED Ball couldn’t be a better choice when you are thinking of bizarre lighting decoration in a public space; 3D dynamic video show in a park,shopping mall,etc. more.


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Dış Mekan LED Küre Ekran

Outdoor LED Sphere Screen


Easy access to the holding structure

The first thing you need to consider is how to install the led sphere conveniently.

And how to access and maintain each part after you assemble all parts into the smooth sphere.




Multiple Parts

Trapezoid Waterproof LED Display Module (Outdoor Series)

The big outdoor led sphere screen was divided into several parts for easy moving and installation.

Big led sphere screen


Outdoor LED Sphere Screen




High definition & brightness

LED'ler ve kesintisiz modül bağlantısı arasında çok daha küçük adımlarla yüksek tanımlı efektler sunmak için yamuk LED ekran modüllerinden oluşan toplar.

What’s more, it has high brightness up to 6,000 Nits.




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