What are Freeform LED Displays? Episode 1.

LED display has been applied to almost everywhere in public space. Freeform LED Displays are doing their job on stages, overbuilding façade, at an open square, in a shopping mall, or more other public places, spreading the message as a dynamic platform or entertaining people with phenomenal digital content. Different from conventional LED display, freeform LED elements are better at entertaining people with more people-oriented features a conventional competition fails to deliver.

As what was mentioned in our first blog, three specific freeform LED elements are pixels, sticks, and panels. https://www.led-display-manufacturer.com/freeform-led-elements-go-for-the-freestyle/With these three interesting form factors, we can summarize three people-oriented features a freeform display is proud to deliver.

Perfectly integrated into structures

Freeform LED display covers a pillar, a column or dome; they are mounted over a media façade with transparency… They go with the flow, customizable for better integrity with structures.

double sided viewing Freeform LED Displays     curving Freeform LED Displays


Thanks to the ultimate flexibility, Freeform LED Displays are applied to enhance and redefine the structure, never at the expense of doing irreversible damage to it. No more heavy cabinet frame desired. Freeform LED Displays are well designed for an easy and quick way to deploy and transport, time and labor efficient.

ultimate flexible Freeform LED Displays     foldable Freeform LED Displays


Freeform LED Display is customizable on a project to project basis. Freeform LED elements are already flexible, and that’s the reason why they embrace creativity and customization for a dream design.

Freeform LED Displays DJ booth   Freeform LED Displays video circle

For more episodes to come, we will talk further about the freeform LED display features and how Freeform LED Displays get work done for entertainment and architainment lighting market.




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