What to use for building a LED curtain wall?

On stages, at events, overbuilding façade… LED curtain wall is applied not only for its flexibility but also for the transparency required in some cases. Lightweight, thin, flexible, with those human-oriented features, it seems to be increasingly popular these days. A numerous number of LED screen products are produced especially for such application. LED curtain wall might be hard to choose from those varieties, but we integrate here several LED items that our customers considered the best for the following applications.


Build Façade LED curtain wall

Build Façade
Whether to mount LED displays over a concrete façade or a glass wall, installation is one of the big concerns. Manufacturers are producing the lightest possible LED elements to make the deployment quick and easy.

This LED media mesh, with the weight around 15kg/m², makes installation time and labor efficient. Exclusively designed parts secure the installation. Fan-free, built-in power and receiving card, no heavy metal desired, portable LED units, every detail is oriented at making the deployment a breeze.




Stage and Shows

Stage and Shows LED curtain wall

Except for linear type LED elements to build curtain walls, LED pixel elements is also popular for its excellent flexibility.

Pixels in flexible strings can be intuitively integrated into creative and challenge designs due to its flexibility in every direction. With 70%~80% transparency, it is used as stage background, or even mesh over building façade. With exclusively designed brackets, no screws are desired for configuration into a large scale LED mesh or curtain. Quick to install and remove, easy to transport and store, LED curtain wall is considered one of the best freeform LED elements in staging and rental word.


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