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Who will be the challenger VS RGBLINK?

RGBLINK has beaten VideoWall to become the top one manufacturer of video processing equipment in the LED screen market, with its continual development on the video processor technology and aggressive marketing strategy. It was founded in 2009 and quickly launched their first generation scaler VSP618. To meeting the fast development of fine pitch led screen, RGBLINK released its splicing processor VSP3600 in the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt show in 2012. But its well-known products are X series, specially the rgblink venus X1, X1 Pro and rgblink vsp628pro. We all know the price of rgblink processor is highest among Chinese video processor suppliers. But it seems it’s the best choice now because of its advanced technology.

Who will be the challenger VS RGBLINK?

RGBLINK has built very good reputation in the international market with best technology and it also developed world distribution network.  Videowall has became follower from the leader. Magnimage now is widely acceptable but mainly in the domestic market. Their products can’t compete with RGBLINK processor.

Is there anybody else who has same good technology as RGBLINK ?

Yes. As LED display market experienced participator, we 3CINNO (LED Screen Manufacturer) this time want to suggest a small company, Sprolink. It is new company. But most importantly, it’s claimed that all its key R&D staff worked in RGBLINK before and was their core strength. We don’t know the reason why they leave from RGBLINK. But it is legitimate and common phenomenon in the market-oriented economy. Anyway, strong business competition is beneficial for all the consumers including the led display manufacturers and events solution providers. Why not give an opportunity to use the same even better products but pay 30% lower price ?


Let’s look at the comparison between one common-used product, the X1-PRO-E and VF1.

Video processor for LED Screen
Input StandardDVI(DUAL-Link)InputX1X1
HDMI(1.4) Inputx1No HDMI port, but compatible on the DVI input
Optional ModuleDVI(Single-Link)InputX4×3
SD/HD/3G SDIInputX4×3
Draw in and draw out moudleYesYes
Output DVI outputX4×4 
DVI Backup outputX4×4
PerformanceOutput Resolution/Single Port2048*[email protected],3840*[email protected],1080*[email protected]2048 × [email protected],2560 × [email protected],2304 × [email protected],
Customized ResolutionYes(Support Ultra Height and Ultra Width customized resolution)Yes
Quick Split Set the split H total, split V total, row and column, the output  Set the split H total, split V total, row and column, the output 
Max Output Resolution Totally8KK/4K2K8KK/4K2K
Horizontal Spliting one In Two OutYesYes
Vertical Spliting one In Two OutYesYes
Horizontal Spliting one In Four OutYesYes
Four Port SplitYesYes
4K2K*60hz Pixel to Pixel SplitYesNO
Preview and Program Working ModeYesYes
Independent Pixel ScalingYes(Scale each output pixel by pixel)Yes(Scale each output pixel by pixel)
Matrix Mode(Scalable)YesYes
USB Disk Quick UpdateYesYes
Processing10 bit,RGB4:4:48 bit
Fade in Fade OutYesYes
AdvantageInput ResolutionSupport Real 4K(4K2K*60hz)Fake 4K(4K2K*30hz)
Grayscale Processing10 bit8 bit
Image Processing(Color Space) RGB4:4:4 without any loss YUV4:2:2 Conversion
Layer OperationShortcut layer button on the front panel directlyNeed to go to the menu the select the layer

Highest price doesn’t mean best product for you.

Highest price doesn’t mean best product for you.If you wanna best local service not only technology, RGBLINK is your best choice. If you have been done led screen business for some time, Sprolink might be another option.As expert led display manufacturer in China, 3CINNO will always give our customers best screen solution in company with best suitable video processor accessories, no matter RGBLINK or Sprolink. For any video processor question, pls don’t hesitate to contact us. [email protected]

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