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Installing LED poster displays in stores, shopping malls, halls, and events will make your advertisements or information very eye-catching. The LED poster display has single-side, double-side, and foldable versions. And it can be customized to different sizes It features Plug & Play, Ultra-thin, and Super-light.

  • iPoster-600S: P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.875mm, P2.5mm
  • iPoster-750S: P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.95mm, P2.5mm, P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.9mm
  • iPoster-750D: P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.95mm, P2.5mm, P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.9mm
  • iPoster-600F: P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.875mm, P2.5mm

Environment: Indoor

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Foldable, Single side, 600mm(23.6″) W x 2025mm(79.7″) H, P1.25mm
Original price was: $ 13,086.00.Current price is: $ 7,269.00.
Foldable, Single side, 600mm(23.6″) W x 2025mm(79.7″) H, P1.56mm
Original price was: $ 11,224.00.Current price is: $ 6,236.00.
Foldable, Single side, 600mm(23.6″) W x 2025mm(79.7″) H, P1.875mm
Original price was: $ 10,061.00.Current price is: $ 5,589.00.

What Is LED Poster?

An LED poster is a slim, lightweight plug&play digital display designed for high-impact visual communication. LED posters are ideal for advertising and promotional displays in retail stores, shopping malls, and airports. They are also used in corporate environments, exhibitions, and events, offering a dynamic and engaging way to communicate messages and attract attention.

Since its birth, LED poster displays have been very popular in shops and malls. First of all, as a fixed-size advertising LED display, it has a size similar to traditional paper posters or LCD posters, which does not occupy big space and doesn’t need additional support structure. Compared with LCD, it has all the visual advantages of LED screen, such as higher brightness, wider viewing angle and richer colors. Physically, it is also portable.

These posters are plug-and-play, meaning they automatically play stored content when powered on. Content can be updated easily via USB, WiFi, or LAN interfaces, and multiple posters can be seamlessly spliced together to create larger displays without gaps. They offer versatile installation options, including free-standing and hanging setups, and can be managed remotely through cloud-based systems. Customizable branding and optional features like double-sided viewing and foldable designs enhance their utility and portability.

Ultra Slim & Light Weight

Single Side or Double Side or Foldable

The LED poster is designed to be ultra slim and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to handle and install. Weighing only 31.4 kg for the 600×2025 mm size and 39.6 kg for the 750×2000 mm size, these posters are perfect for a variety of settings. With a thickness of just 30-33 mm, they blend seamlessly into any environment without taking up much space. This slim and lightweight design ensures that you can set up or move the LED poster effortlessly, making it ideal for dynamic and fast-paced locations.

ModelSingle or Double sideFoldabilityScreen WidthScreen HeightThicknessWeight

Plug & Play

Support Sync and Async playback

The LED poster offers a convenient Plug & Play feature, allowing you to display content effortlessly. Simply plug in the power, and the poster will automatically play the stored content. Uploading content is a breeze with multiple options: use a computer, pad, or cellphone via USB, WiFi, or LAN interfaces. This is known as the asynchronous (Async) way. Additionally, the built-in system supports synchronous (Sync) playback, where you can use a computer to deliver content in real-time via the HDMI port. This versatility ensures that your content is always displayed exactly how you want it, with minimal hassle.

Multi-screen seamless splicing

Play One Full Image or Separate Images

The LED poster features Multi-Screen Seamless Splicing, enabling you to create a larger, gap-free display by placing multiple posters together. This innovative design allows the bigger screen to showcase either a single, unified image or different images across the posters. Whether you need a continuous visual experience or varied content, the seamless splicing ensures a flawless and engaging display.

Multiple Installation Way

Stacking or Hanging

The LED poster offers versatile installation options to suit various needs. It can be free-standing, which is the most common method, or it can be hung for a different display approach. This flexibility allows you to choose the best installation method for your space, ensuring that the LED poster fits perfectly into any environment.

Support Cloud Management

Intelligent Control Anytime and Anywhere

The LED poster supports cloud management, allowing you to control and update content remotely. No matter where the posters are located, even in different cities, they can be managed from a central control room. This feature ensures seamless updates and easy content management across multiple locations, providing efficient and streamlined operations.


Different Size and Customer Brand Logo

The LED poster offers extensive customization options to meet your branding needs. You can print your brand logo or your customer’s commercial brand on the back of the poster cabinet, providing a unique and professional touch. Additionally, the size of the LED poster can be customized to fit your specific requirements, ensuring it perfectly suits your space and promotional needs.

Double-side View Poster

Double Side Screen with Same or Different Pitch

The LED poster offers an optional double side view feature, making it visible from both sides. This is especially advantageous in crowded places, as it allows more people to view the content simultaneously. This feature enhances visibility and engagement, making your messages more remarkable and impactful.

Foldable Poster

Fold the Poster in Your Car Trunk

The foldable poster feature, available as an option for some models, enhances the portability of the LED poster. This makes it perfect for exhibitions or events, as you can easily fold the poster and fit it inside your car trunk. It simplifies transportation, allowing you to take the poster anywhere with ease.


Multiple Display Modes

LED Poster Display Stand-Alone

Multiple ways to send data

LED Poster Display Wireless Multi-Screen

Wireless data to Multi-Screen

LED Poster Display Extended Mode

Multiple Screens-continuous image

LED Poster Display Mirroring Mode

Multiple Screens-individual image

GOB Protection

GOB makes the poster screens resistant to impact, moisture, and scratches. Whether your screen is installed in a place that is easy to touch or bump, or in a humid place, the GOB protective layer can give you peace of mind.

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