Small Pitch LED Screen aging test video

3Cinno’s LED New Product Release Report: Small Pitch LED Screen

3Cinno is proud to put out this innovative and revolutionary product: Small Pitch LED Screen

You’re probably seen those big, bright Small Pitch LED Screen in a busy control room, in a place like fire control room and other live show occasions. The playback content is still clear and delicate no matter how close u stand from.

Small Pitch LED Screen delivers 4k video

That owes to the pixel pitch – the distance between each individual LEDs that make up Small Pitch LED Screen . LED has been taking over from traditional static signage for years now, but it hasn’t really found its way inside businesses. But that’s changing. Small Pitch LED Screens  are showing up in the digital signage marketplace with increasing frequency.

Small Pitch LED Screen delivers high definition image quality

When indoor application, that distance is usually 4mm or more apart from one another. Up close, those dispersed pixels pull the image apart. At a distance, the gaps can not be noticed by naked eyes and the images look tight and crisp. Small Pitch LED Screen  only has a pixel pitch of 1.2 mm with visuals that look crisp – even just a foot or two away.

Small Pitch LED Screen delivering an eye-catching large-scale viewing experience


3Cinno specialized in the innovation of customizable LED products and all-around excellent service for better serve customers’ needs.

Innovative and professional LED supplier 3Cinno offers creative, inspirational and customizable LED products for LED production companies in all entertainment markets. We highlight customization in our integration service, sharing the same goal as yours: to make LED display and LED lighting special. Our LED display department and LED lighting department work together to serve you in high professional standard with decade of experience in entertainment LED industry. Whatever the scope of your project could be, there is seamless support for you before, during and after a sale. Even if something goes wrong, it won’t last long.

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